The Big One - 36 Inch Wheel Unicycle

The Big One takes cycling to the next level by combining a traditional unicycle with the enormous 36-inch wheel and tire from our Monster Cruiser bicycle. Coker Cycles introduced this massive unicycle in 1998 and opened up a whole new world of cycling possibilities. The large wheel and tire combination makes for a much higher gear ratio, making long-distance trips possible.

Monster Cruiser - The World's Largest Cruiser Bicycle

The first of its kind, the Coker Monster Cruiser is all about comfort and style. Big is the name of the game and it’s available in both men’s and women’s designs. It’s the world’s largest cruiser bicycle with massive 36-inch wheels, but its design makes it easy to ride. Gear ratio selections via the three-speed coaster-brake hub is another step toward easy riding, as it allows the rider to choose a low gear for steep inclines, or a higher gear for faster speeds on flat ground or downward slopes.